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Yoga @ Trinity house and Fitness classes with The KAYAKS and STK Fitness

The KAYAKS yoga with Bill @

Trinity House, Laygate

Monday 1.15pm to 2.15pm

free for KAYAKS members.

non members £3 (currently closed)

Yoga Mats
Golden Chakra

fitness classes at STK further information

Monday Wednesday and Friday 11:15am - 12noon (open now!)


New fitness sessions will be held at South Tyneside Kettlebells commencing 4th February 2019. I'll be posting details on the various pages that we have, but just a "heads-up". There will also be provision for those who work to attend slots. Further details will follow.

*3 X 1 hour sessions a week for up to 12 people (Mon, Weds, Fri 11.15-12noon)


*As these times will not be convenient for all of your members, an additional 3 classes (as per my timetable attached are available to ALL)


*All members will also have free access to my online training closed Facebook group which includes: An easy to follow eating plan/over 100 menus/over 200 home video workouts (30 minutes maximum in length) The group also provides support and guidance towards individual goals, the ethos of my eating plan is helping people understand how they can do better without starving themselves, whilst educating them the difference between eating regularly as opposed to allowing long gaps between meals.


I appreciate some people will be happy with the fitness sessions only, but the option is there for them all to gain more support, nutritional education and someone to approach for help and ideas on their health.


In addition to running South Tyneside Kettlebells for 9 years now, I'm also a nominated 'Change for life' ambassador via South Tyneside Council's scheme.

Times are subject to change*


we practice traditional Russian Hardstyle kettlebells and anyone attending a class must be 15 minutes early for an induction for their first one (regardless as to whether they've done kettlebells before)



mixing kettlebells, punchbags and everything together to give the best of Boxer-circuits and Kettlebells in one class.

Sit Ups

Boxer Cirtcuits

we have 12 punchbags that we mix together with equipment, bodyweight resistance and cardio vascular movements.

Boxing Gloves

All Fit & HIIT Circuit

All-Fit: using kettlebells for weight lifting movements, we mix the content of this class with other equipment that we have.


HIIT Circuits: 

this is our 30 minute quick high intensity class for people short of time who want to challenge themselves in half the time, mixing many of the above

Athletic Woman With Kettlebells