Our Board and Team

Meet the People Behind the Work

Samantha Hodson


People say you can't choose your family, but sometimes you can get close. This is what kayaks means to me

Fay Cunningham


I'm proud to be Patron to this wonderful charity, The work they do with special needs children is amazing

Jay Bowley

Trustee/Equipment Manager

This group has helped my family so much, it's nice to give something back.

Jill Osborne


Kayaks has become a lifeline for many families across our region and beyond, they deserve the best we can give.

Malcolm Osborne


You can't pour from an empty cup.

Kimberley Elliot


KAYAKS helped my family when we needed them the most, what better way to give back than to help others who need the same kind of support we received.

Diane Urua


Kayaks is like a family. They give u hope when u feel like there's none in a non judgemental setting.

Jean Elliot

Trustee/Resident "Nanna"

This charity is close to my heart and always will be

Anne Yorston


Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!

Alison Bland

Safeguarding Coordinator/Fundraiser

Kayaks is somewhere safe for my daughter to go to where we all make friends and feel totally inclusive.

Ashleigh Beattie

Benefits/SEN Support

Kayaks has give my family a place to go where the kids can be themselves I will be forever grateful to kayaks for this.

Charlotte Knopik

IT/Website Manager

Kayaks has become a big part of my life. We are not just a support group, we are a family.

Christopher Hawes

Volunteer Coordinator

I love the rapport and friendship I have with the children and young adults within KAYAKS as well as the parents.

Richard Johns

Volunteer Coordinator

Seeing children and parents feeling safe, smiling and happy at kayaks is the reward for me.

Martin Fisher

Volunteer Coordinator

Most rewarding, satisfaction knowing children and parents are happy around me, patience and understanding, help achieve goals, and build a rapport.